Restaurant / Cafe

Find more time to focus on great food and service. Spend less time dealing with shift changes, updates and cancellations. 

Workforce Solutions

The eWebSchedule cloud-based system provides a channel of open communication that encourages employee engagement.

Target Other Areas

“The use of eWebSchedule’s scheduling software allowed us to target objectives like increasing table traffic and delivering exceptional food and service.”

Updates That Save Time

“We did create schedules using computerized spreadheets, but pushing out the updates to everyone was a problem. Now people know the most current schedule, so no more having to take phone calls from staff who are calling to check the schedule.”

Tools That Managers need

“The use of eWebSchedule’s software has reduced our amount of staff turnover. Our managers and staff both experience less frustration with trying to build and maintain staff schedules.”

– Flexible, convenient & mobile –


Quickly fill open shifts by sending automated system-wide text alerts and email messages to all available employees.


Effortlessly check your staff’s scheduling preference and availability as you create new schedules. Reduce potential conflicts and issues. 


Easily notice any unauthorized staffing overlaps, back-to-back shifts, gaps or inaccuracies in the final time collection document.

– Focus on what is important –


Managers save time by allowing their employees to submit their work preferences and availability.


Eliminate conflict and easily repeat successful schedules. Employees no longer have to “drop by the restaurant” in order to check availability or request a shift change.


All qualified staff receive text alerts and email updates for approved shift exchanges and scheduling updates.

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