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We help health professionals with scheduling and time collection. Find more time to focus on your patients.

Healthcare Solutions

Health professionals know that their industry is a 24-hour, 7-day a week responsibility. Whether you are work in a large centralized facility or a multi-site organization, you need a reliable, staff management system.

Multiple Locations

“We love how it allows us to manage alternating assignments at different locations throughout the day. This creates less issues and makes everything easier.”

Intuitive Interface

“We used to manually input everyone’s availability into a spreadsheet, and then print this out. However, as we grew in size, this became increasingly difficult to do. Eweb’s straight-forward interface solved this problem.”


Off / On Site Assignments

“The open communication features are great. Combined with the ability to delineate in the schedule between off-site versus on-site shifts is great. This makes it easier to manage payroll expenses. “

– Flexible, convenient & mobile –


From independent practices to large facilities, eWebSchedule makes time collection easy.


Easily integrates shifts and assignments for multiple locations into one schedule, and allows employees to access updated schedules from any location.


Clinic supervisors have the ability to instantly contact members of the staff, even when off duty.

– Focus on what is important –


Quickly create separate schedules for every department while always possessing accurate time-collection data and work reports.


SMS text notification feature quickly communicates updates to all staff members which reduces the workload for supervisors.


Clinic supervisors can view and control all “shift” types whether they are open, exchanges or back-to-back.

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