Intuitive & Empowered

Gain more control of your scheduled shifts and payroll expenses.

The fewer mistakes that are made, the easier it is to keep operations running smoothly.

eWebSchedule: Features That Simplify Your Administrative Workload.

Intuitive Interface

  • Other systems easily connect.
  • Convenient staffing pattern and time collection reporting.
  • Various “analysis” tools find staff discrepancies.
  • Error prevention function eliminates mistakes.

Seamless Connection

  • Compatible with most operating systems and devices.
  • Provides functionality for numerous industries.
  • Communication is role-based and secure.
  • Works in low-bandwidth internet environments.

Solve Problems

  • Manage multiple sites or locations.
  • Receive real-time internal text and email alerts.
  • Perform automated scheduling updates.
  • Quickly perform time-off request and shift exchanges.

Customer Support

  • Cloud-based with no software to install.
  • Includes free set-up, training and technical support.
  • Includes live support as well as online tutorials.
  • Compatible with all major internet browsers.

eWebSchedule: Features That Unleash Your Organization’s Productivity.

Powerful analytical tools allow employers to review a schedule and quickly discover any over or under staffing, as well as compare hours or service usage for different locations. Hour Analysis

The easy to use scheduling feature allows all parties to maintain access to the most current version of the schedule. Vacancies or discrepancies are quickly noticed and remedied. Scheduling

Employers can see real-time staff postings for shift “swaps” and time off request. Three levels of editing “access” provides more granular control for managers. Real-Time Staff Request

Built-in features allow employers to analyze the assigned task, title and status of every employee. Provides a quick, global view of work schedules and assignments. Position & Assignment Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can eWebSchedule Help Me Save Money?
  • Initially through saving time due to the fact that staff scheduling is more quickly and efficiently completed. 
  • The eWebSchedule system includes a “staff analysis” tool that allows managers to easily monitor schedules. Any back-to-back shifts as well as over/under staffing patterns are quickly discovered.
  • Supervisors can use the “hour analysis” graphing function to accurately identify overtime situations. Excessive overtime is minimized and employees who possess available hours are readily detected. 
Will This Create More Work For Managers?
  • Over the long-term, the integrated features and intuitive design reduces overall workload.
  • The unique design reduces the amount of time required to create and manage employee schedules. Staff members provide their own availability, while submitting final schedule changes to their supervisor for approval.
  • These features save time for managers, while still providing them final editing control of staff schedules.
  • The scheduling process is uninterrupted and a level of stability is maintained, even when there is staff turnover in the management positions.
Are There Long-Term Contracts Or Hidden Fees?
  • You are welcome to pay month-to-month.
  • There are NO hidden fees or start up cost.
  • We offer discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month packages.
  • All expenses are clearly outlined in each service package.
Do Managers Give Up Control By Allowing Employees To Post And Trade Shifts?
  • You maintain control and possess numerous customizable options.
  • Business managers have the option to decide whether their staff has the ability to post and trade shifts.
  • Managers possess the flexibility with eWebSchedule to determine which workers can engage in this activity.
  • Control options also exist that require supervisor approval for all shift modifications.

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