Whether an independent provider or a larger agency, people who provide support services for individuals with developmental disabilities are feeling the effects of the implementation of the electronic visit verification (EVV) mandate. Direct care workers, DSPs and other healthcare workers need to be trained in order to successfully track their delivery of services.

Just as important, paraprofessionals need to become familiar with these new demands in order to efficiently provide excellent services. Home care staff should focus on the individuals receiving services, and not waste precious time and energy by having to deal with bureaucratic and technical issues.

For specific questions about the history of the EVV requirement, please read this earlier article on Ohio’s EVV Mandate.

Here is some general advice for navigating the requirements of the electronic visit verification mandate. These three quick tips are a good starting point for dealing with the demands of electronic visit verification in Ohio.

[1] EVV Needs to Capture Start and Stop Times:

The electronic visit verification mandate is a new requirement for some HCBS services. Caregivers in these situations must participate in the EVV program. If submitted billing is missing the EVV component, those bills will eventually be denied payment by Ohio Medicaid.

It is vital that DSPs understand this new responsibility. Caregivers must capture a specific point in time when they started and finished delivering services to an individual. The purpose of the EVV time capture is to verify that services were delivered to individuals who rely on these services. ODM has stated that EVV should reduce errors/fraud, increase efficiency as well as by making activities more transparent and measurable.

[2] Choose How to Capture the EVV Requirement:

There are a number of ways for a Waiver provider to capture their DSP’s EVV information. They can download an EVV application onto their smartphone which will capture time and location. For example, ABCS RCM is an Alternate EVV Vendor for providers of phase 2 services in Ohio. Their EVV solution utilizes a mobile app that can be downloaded on to any smartphone.

Other options include using the free device offered by Sandata which is shipped via FedEx. The Department of Medicaid is also allowing for the use of telephony and manual entry by logging on through a computer. However, these methods should be seen as backup solutions. Exclusively using telephony or manual entry would be more labor-intensive.

[3] Directly contact ODM, Sandata or EVV providers:

The company Sandata has partnered with the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) to provide electronic visit verification. If there are concerns or questions, waiver providers and caregivers can directly contact Sandata or ODM.

Specifically, for direct questions about the expectations of the EVV requirement in Ohio, waiver providers should contact the EVV unit at the Ohio Department of Medicaid. For caregivers who have questions about the EVV system (aggregator) or the free EVV device, they can reach out to Sandata. For questions about upcoming mandates from the state of Ohio, please contact the Ohio Department of Development Disabilities.

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ABCS RCM’s EVV solution is easy for DSPs to use. The eWebSchedule software solution works in a variety of settings. The software solution turns the EVV compliance requirement into a valuable feature for agencies. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for EVV and scheduling (time collection) or integrated into a variety of other billing systems.

Contact Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS RCM) for more information at 614.890.9822 or the eWebSchedule department at 614.882.0726. As a revenue cycle management based in Ohio, they have been providing account management services to the Medicaid waiver provider community since 1997.

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